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Hi, my name is

Pulkith Paruchuri

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Located in Texas

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01. About Me

Hello! I’m Pulkith, a high school student at Heritage High School (co '23'); Thanks for stopping by! I'm fascinated about neuroscience, computer science, and machine learning and have done some learning about these topics and conducting research in these fields. My interest in programming started back in 2015 when I decided to mess around with HTML. Since then, I have had a never-ending passion for programming!

These days I attend Heritage High School and compete in various programming tournaments every week.

Here's a few of my skills:

  • Java
  • Tenserflow & Keras
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Python
  • C++
  • Machine Learning
  • Angular
  • React & Flutter
  • PHP
  • Swift

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04. Projects

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